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  • Glaucoma treatments
  • Paediatric (childhood) eye care

  • Retina and cornea treatments

  • Cataract removal and lens implants

  • Oculoplastic surgeries

  • Low-vision aids

  • Laser vision correction

Qualifications & Professional Memberships
  • September 2015: Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Total Quality Management for Healthcare Reform from the American University in Cairo.
  • July 2000: Fellowship of the Royal College of surgeons, Edinburgh.

  • November 1998: Doctoral degree (M.D, PhD) in ophthalmology, Cairo University

  • July 1998: the final part of the international clinical science assessment for ophthalmologists carried out by the international council of ophthalmology, England.

  • February 1996: Part I FRCS, London.

  • November 1994: M Sc degree in ophthalmology, Cairo University.

  • November 1990: graduated from the Cairo university school of medicine graded excellent with honour. Classified first with the highest marks in medicine and surgery.

Current Positions​
  • Professor of Ophthalmology, Cairo University, 2009 , till the present.

  • Consultant Ophthalmic surgeon and Glaucoma consultant at Al Nour eye hospital since 1997.

  • International Referee for the glaucoma papers (Eye journal, England).

  • International referee for ARCHIVES journal of Ophthalmology

  • Reviewer for the ( Journal of Glaucoma).

  • Medical director of AL Nour Eye Hospital( Nasr City Branch)  since May 2008.

  • International member of ISOS

  • Member of the AAO

  • Board member of the Egyptian Ophthalmological Society ( EOS, 2012-2016)

  • Founder of the young ophthalmologist club (EOS)

  • Board member of Rowad Correction Center ( RCC), 2014.

  • Founder of the Egyptian Society For Continuous Ophthalmic Education ( EGSCOE), 2015. with the first meeting held on March,4,2016.

  • AURORA member, Allergan  since 2012.

Current Positions
International Publications
  • Abdelrahman AM. Trabeculotome- Guided unroofing of Schlemm's canal. J Cataract Refrct Surg 2005; 31(1):238-240.

  • Abdelrahman AM. Trabeculotome- guided non penetrating glaucoma surgery. Intraocular implant & Refractive Society, India. 2004; Vol.1, No.3:66-67.

  • Abdelrahman AM. Trabeculotome-Guided Deep Sclerectomy. A pilot study. Am J Ophthalmol, 2005; 140 (1): 152-154. With a special report in Eye World commenting on the technique (December, 2005), under the title: modified glaucoma surgery developed, involving a special comment from dr. Ike Ahmed, Toronto, Canada.

  • Abdelrahman AM. Viscocanalostomy without deep scleral excision. Middle East Journal of ophthalmology. 2007; 14 (2): 46-50.

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  • Abdelrahman AM. Refractory Glaucomas. Types and Management. Review Article/JORS Abdelrahman AM, 2017, 1(1):1-14. Sutureless Deep Sclerectomy. Journal of Glaucoma.

National Publications

  • El hilali H, Abdelrahman AM.  Evaluation of  Ahmed Valve Implantation in Resistant Glaucoma. Bull. Ophthalmolo.SOC. EGYPT, 2000; VOL.93, Number 3,573-579.

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